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Cyberattack threats and risks have increased immensely in recent years. Hackers have become way more sophisticated in the ways of attacking. It increases the need for more sophisticated cybersecurity measures and strategies.

What Is Bugcrowd?

Bugcrowd is an all-in-one crowdsourced platform that offers security solutions. It gives real-time vulnerability insights across an expanding digital attack surface continuously to remove critical threats and protect the systems.

Security Offerings of Bugcrowd

Here are the four main products offered by Bugcrowd.

1. Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty solution by Bugcrowd brings in the best security researchers to find hidden flaws in the attack surface of an organization. With Bugbrowd, researchers get automated workflows, data-driven insights and the best triage, unlike legacy bug bounty tools. Organizations can effectively find hidden flaws by working together with researchers that meet their exact needs.

With Bugcrowd’s Bug bounty, organizations get help with:

  • Access to right and trusted talent for precise needs at the right time to find vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritized and quick vulnerability findings to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Direct flow of findings into the security and development processes for faster remediation.

2. Pen Test as a Service

Traditional penetration testing or pen test solutions can be slow and take months to complete and yet provide ineffective results. But Bugcrowd’s pen test as a service is a highly configurable service that offers fast results with high impact. You can configure pen tests faster, launch them in days and get faster remediation. Pen tests can be run along with other solutions such as Bug bounty to form a layered strategy.

With Bugcrowd’s PTaaS, organizations get help with:

  • A pentester team built for the specific needs of the organization.
  • Meeting compliance goals such as PCI, NIST, ISO 27001, and CMMC.
  • High-speed launch in days with the best experts in pen testing, real-time view of results and direct flow of findings in the software development life cycle for faster remediation.

3. Vulnerability Disclosure

A vulnerability disclosure program helps set engagement rules for the public to submit vulnerability reports on public-facing assets. Bugcrowd’s VDP offers integration, submission channels, triage and reporting using the information gathered from past customer experiences to create better insights.

With Bugcrowd’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program, organizations get help with:

  • Integration with security and development processes for fast bug fixes.
  • Engagement with ethical hackers to build future relationships for bug bounties.
  • Aligning with NIST guidelines and implementing best practices and policies to manage security feedback.

4. Attack Surface Management

Bugcrowd helps with Attack Surface Management by using the best researchers, technology and data to help uncover the asset inventory and assign and prioritize asset risk. It helps organizations understand and manage all their digital assets, analyze risk and find them at the earliest.  

With Bugcrowd’s Attack Surface Management, organizations get help with:

  • Managing assets and finding all hidden assets.
  • Prioritizing asset risk based on rich security knowledge.
  • Analyzing results and packing them with recommendations for reviewing.
  • Direct flow of found vulnerabilities into pen test or bug bounty for faster remediation.
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Rajesh Tamada
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