Intent-Powered Insights Can Enhance B2B Campaigns. Here’s How.

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What can make your campaign better than your competitors? As per a Statista report, 70 percent of B2B technology vendors use intent data to find prospective customers. Although these statistics do not show how much the conversion from marketing to sales funnel is, it says one important point – they can find leads better than the competition.

Intent data can help you gain more customers with insights based on data patterns. With the right set of data, you can bring the customer directly to your doorstep.

Intent Data Is Important

Intent-powered data helps to identify and create leads that can point to future customers. It gives an enormous opportunity to marketers by providing intent-powered insights that can predictively produce business opportunities and growth.

Identifying the next customer or retaining existing ones is the primary target of any new marketing campaign. With the right set of intent data-gathering tools, you can easily classify the leads into different categories as per the demand and tackle them accordingly.

It is a known fact that each category of customers has different demands. The intent-powered insights provided by the related solution providers help them in contacting the right set of customers with the right set of approaches.

Campaigns and Intent Data

Each marketing campaign has a different set of goals. It can either be branding, promotions, an increase in sales or pitching new products or solutions. Intent-powered data can provide insights into the behavioral patterns of the target audience. It can identify in-market buyers or prospects who have the intention to investigate the products they are looking for. By utilizing the data, marketing teams can contact prospective buyers with the campaign content.

Now let’s take a good look at how intent-powered insights can advance your B2B marketing campaigns to the next level.

Personalized Contact

As per the recent studies on prospect behaviors, it was noted that each prospective lead prefers a personal touch in their contact with the marketer. Intent data here can provide you with deep insights on needs, behavior, and key interests. Campaigners can just focus on the specific requirements and give timely inputs or apt suggestions to the lead, creating a good rapport and possibly converting them to a customer, saving both time and effort.

Targeted Ads

Finding buyers from leads is what intent data solutions are best for. Intent data helps in triangulating genuine leads based on search patterns, behaviors, or key interests. This data can be used to send targeted ads to the lead triggering interest in the ad campaign. Such methodology will show the lead only what they are interested in and what exactly they are looking for.


Predictive analysis is the new standard in the present technology-driven society. The integration of AI, machine learning, data insights, and the like has made predicting the behavioral patterns of the lead in advance. Various analyzed intent data parameters show what the lead is interested in at real-time. With timely interventions or contacts during this period, you can predict and position your brand before them, gaining significant market visibility.

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