Marketing Gains from a Live Streaming Strategy

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Live streaming is not a new thing. Everybody is aware of it and is following it. Especially businesses. Live streaming is one of the most active and attractive marketing strategies that can spike the interest of buyers these days. It is changing how brands interact with customers. The latest marketing strategies and trends are starting to invest more in live streaming in 2024.

Here are some statistics on live streaming that you need to know:

  • Live streaming will have more than 100 million subscribers by 2025
  • Number of viewers increase by 47 percent from the previous year
  • 80 percent audience prefers streaming over reading blogs
  • Landing page videos can gain 80 percent more conversions
  • Video in emails gain 200-300 percent more click-through rates
  • Increase in brand association rate by 139 percent

If you are doubting how live streaming will benefit your brand’s marketing, here are some points you can consider.


What do you think a buyer will select first between a product video and a product blog? Video, right? People are watching videos for around 4-5 hours daily. Live streaming provides viewers with immediate access to relevant information. Consumers expect the brand to perform better through the videos. Live streaming helps the viewers to understand more about the subject from either the host or some experts. It can also help business leaders connect with their customers.


Live streaming is the current trend in the internet world. More and more streamers are entering the field with a wide variety of content. It engages viewers with interactive sections, quizzes, product descriptions, reviews, and much more. The network connection ensures wide coverage on all social media handles. The rise of the smartphone has enabled viewers to gain easy access to live-streaming videos. Marketing companies also find new opportunities in the field to pitch their products and services.


Compared to other media content available on the internet, live streaming is more active and happening. It is common knowledge that viewers or readers prefer video content over text content. Be it blogs, emails, flyers, advertisement posters, or other static content, live streaming holds a huge advantage over the competition. The interactive nature of live streaming can help clear the doubts of viewers in a short time. Marketers can help shape the product feature based on the live reviews of the viewers and gain more sales conversions.


Social media influencer is the new job title for hardcore live streamers at present. They are people with viewers and subscribers in the millions on social media platforms. With a huge base of followers, they can influence the thoughts of millions of viewers. Marketing teams can collaborate with influencers to launch products or introduce a service in the market. They can help businesses to spread their popularity and gain sales conversions at better rates.

With the rise in the recent COVID cases across the globe, online media has become the go-to destination for anything more than ever. As part of the system, live streaming offers an enormous opportunity for businesses to pitch their products or services to the audience. With the right strategies and plans, marketing teams can utilize live-streaming resources to boost business growth.

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