5 Incredible Personal Finance Apps That Help Manage Your Finances Better

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Personal finance is not about how much money you earn. It’s about how smart you are with what you earn. Being aware of where your funds come from and how you spend them is important. Everyone loves to set savings goals, but how many of you actually stick to them?

Organizational skills come in handy to achieve your savings goals. But, the distractive e-commerce websites and the incessant urge for online shopping seldom let you track your spending. Also, with day-to-day work and other commitments, finding time and motivation for budgeting becomes tough. But does it mean you can never achieve your savings goals? Not exactly. There are several popular personal finance apps available today, and you can leverage these to manage your finances better and save more often.

5 Convenient Personal Finance Apps To Use

About 64% of people use finance apps to manage their spending. Budgeting apps track your earnings and spending and help you improve your savings consistently. In this blog post, we bring you the features and functionality of 5 popular personal finance apps, and you can choose the best one that works for you.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Mint is a widely used personal finance app that offers you a complete picture of your finances in one go. Link credit and debit cards to your account and voila! Mint will pull out all your transactions, and you can see how you spend the money. Other features of Mint include:

  • Bill tracking
  • Free credit score and credit health
  • Budget creation for managing finance

Explore this powerful app and manage finances like a pro.


One standout feature of Spendee is its shared wallet feature. This personal finance app helps manage shared expenses with your friends and family and manages your individual one as well. This app is quite handy for household budgeting. Spendee ensures all your bills are cleared on time and helps avoid late payment penalties.


Have you heard of zero-dollar budgeting? It is a method where your budget starts from zero, and you have to justify your expenses before adding any amount to your budget. EveryDollar app precisely works on this feature. Its feature-loaded tracker helps your split your money under multiple budget categories and shows you how much you have spent under each of them. You can also connect with finance experts and understand how to manage your expenses and savings better.

You Need a Budget

A straightforward name and a straightforward, no-nonsense personal finance app to manage your finances. You Need a Budget app enables you to become a proactive budgeter. Rather than tracking what you have already spent, it allows you to create a fresh budget from scratch and assign a purpose for every dollar you plan to spend. The app also offers several in-built resources that you can use to self-learn and improve your budgeting skills.


If you have been searching for a finance app for couples, Zeta is the perfect match. This app is specially built for couples who wish to sync their accounts and track their expenditure, manage bills, or check their net worth. This free app also offers a free joint bank account for couples to manage expenses together.

So, which app are you downloading today? Let us know in the comments below.

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