How to Win Customers with Greater Digital Experience

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The online interactions between a company and its customers create the digital customer experience. With the rise of digital marketing and the latest tools and technologies to support it, companies are leveraging it to reach and engage more customers and offer a better customer experience.

Win Customers with These Top Trends in Digital Customer Experience

Many CX leaders believe that in the near future, companies will be competing alone on customer experience. This makes it important to prioritize customer experience and use the latest and best tools to enhance the experience. Here are some digital customer experience trends to help you win customers.

1. Using AI to Enhance Customer Experience and Journey

In today’s customer-centric market, customers expect quick acknowledgement of their concerns and quicker responses. Enhanced customer service with quick responses can be effectively achieved by using AI-powered chatbots. This technology offers numerous benefits along with increasing the response rate. Some of the benefits of using AI chatbots for customer assistance are:

  • Saving money by avoiding unnecessary hiring for customer support
  • Making assistance available 24/7
  • Resolving issues accurately

These chatbots not only help resolve customer queries but also have the ability to understand customer behavior and patterns. This understanding can help enhance customer experience by offering personalized suggestions to customers.

2. Creating Seamless and Unified Omnichannel Experiences

Customer habits are ever-evolving and the channels can keep changing. Therefore, it is important to have a multi-channel presence for maximum customer engagement. A good digital experience strategy focuses on optimizing engagement on various channels including voice, web and non-voice. This helps deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints. The channels to be considered when developing an omnichannel strategy are web, social media, mobile app, live chat and email.

Companies can establish different customer needs by channel and create relevant campaigns and brand messages specific to those needs.  

3. Focusing on Customer Experience on Smartphones

Everyone is on their smartphones. Be it online shopping or browsing through social media, people use their mobile phones way more than laptops. Hence, it is important to focus on customer experience on smartphones. Having a mobile-first mindset can help you significantly enhance your digital customer experience.

If your mobile apps are not properly functioning and the content is not mobile-friendly, your customers can stop engaging with you. Focus on optimizing your site on all digital devices and prioritize smartphones.

When optimizing your digital content for mobiles, consider:

  • Making your website more user and finger-friendly by having appropriate sizes for tap targets and leaving enough spaces in between
  • Using accelerated mobile pages to build lightweight web pages that load quickly
  • Including drop-down menus for easier navigation

A great digital customer experience involves creating well-researched strategies and optimizing them with evolving needs of the customers.

Rajesh Tamada
Rajesh Tamada
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