Edge Computing Essentials Drive Digital Operations

Discover how edge infrastructure has evolved to play a critical role in reshaping customer interactions, improving product quality, increasing process efficiency, improving worker safety, and reducing equipment downtime.

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Contact Center

Frost & Sullivan’s research underscores the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing contact centers, yet many enterprises remain unprepared to harness its benefits. The future of customer service hinges on an always-available, personalized approach, necessitating streamlined, integrated solutions for clear insights and trend visibility. This entails adopting a unified platform to ensure seamless […]

Modernize To Thrive: Transitioning To The Cloud In The Public Sector

Thank you for showing interest. The public sector moves more carefully than its commercial counterparts on implementing tech advancements like cloud adoption for good reason. In the current landscape, cloud will continue to play an essential role in modernizing the public sector. This white paper sheds light on thriving and transitioning to the cloud in […]

ADT Secures New Customers with Microsoft Multimedia Ads

In a bold move to stand out from the crowd, ADT partnered with Microsoft Advertising and pioneered in their industry to test Multimedia Ads–and the results speak for themselves. ADT experienced an incredible 9.5x boost in return on ad spend, along with a decreased cost-per-click. Check out this latest white paper as it delves into […]

Eight Tips for Mastering Migration

Launching a new product often promises speed, efficiency, and savings for businesses. But if you’re an IT professional onboarding the new system, you might be considering many things like: How to move business-critical data Will you need users to test the environment What’s the best way to minimize planned downtime while performing workload migrations, etc. […]

2024 GEP Procurement & Supply Chain Tech Trends Report

The technological landscape is dynamic and changes quickly. And for procurement and supply chain leaders looking to harness the power of technology to navigate complex challenges and an uncertain business environment, keeping up with the latest trends can be its own obstacle. So, what’s on the technological horizon for procurement and supply chain for the […]

Workforce Upskilling for the AI Era

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business with AI and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)? As organizations worldwide embrace these cutting-edge technologies to drive productivity and innovation, the demand for top talent in this field has never been greater. According to a recent survey conducted by IDC, businesses relying on AI and GenAI solutions […]

Dynamic Markets Demand Warehouse Agility

Thank you for showing interest. Disruption is nothing new for those in warehousing, distribution and fulfillment. The pandemic accelerated several trends affecting the supply chain, increasing the need to make warehouse operations as agile, automated and resilient as possible. Explore this white paper on enabling warehouse agility to optimize and advance your operations. Adapt to […]