2024 State of Procurement Report

This comprehensive report offers a roadmap to navigate these challenges and unlock new possibilities for your organization. Download the report today and discover how to transform your procurement operations.

The Power of Connection – Why You Should Integrate Your Business Apps With Ucaas

Download the report to explore the power of connection and integration. Also discover the benefits of integrating your business apps with UCaaS.  

TrustRadius: IBM Turbonomic Market Report

Keeping cloud costs under control is a challenge for many businesses. That’s where Turbonomic comes in. Trusted by Businesses, Turbonomic is a TrustRadius award-winner, consistently rated 9/10 by IT decision-makers. In this report, you’ll discover: How Turbonomic stacks up against the competition Customer reviews on cutting cloud costs with Turbonomic’s intelligent automation Why companies choose […]

Office your way

In today’s fast paced interconnected world, businesses are increasingly embracing remote and hybrid work models. So, to ensure that all employees, regardless of their location, are seen and heard with equal quality and impact, organizations must invest in professional grade audio and video solutions. How do organizations achieve seamless communication and collaboration across geographically dispersed […]

CFO Insights Report: A New Role in Managing Uncertainty

Thank you for showing interest. In times of economic instability, organizations are increasingly relying on CFOs to oversee risk management and steer through uncertainty. SAP Concur conducted a survey of 220 chief financial officers and senior finance leaders for its most recent CFO Insights report. Unlock this report to discover how CFOs are assuming a […]

Successful Omnichannel Strategies Are Built on the First 10,000 Miles of the Supply Chain

Thank you for showing interest. Over the past 18 months, the retail industry has been introduced to much change and hardship. Moreover, this unprecedented change has catalyzed a surge in digital transformation initiatives and a reinvigorated appetite for innovation among executives like yourself. Explore this report to uncover the roadmap to success in the new […]

The Chief Information Officer: Indispensable Advisor and Strategic Partner to the Modern General Counsel

Thank you for showing interest. Say goodbye to siloed operations. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and General Counsels (GCs) now recognize the necessity of forging a robust partnership. Together, they enhance alignment on departmental strategies, embrace AI-driven transformation, and establish an information governance framework to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Explore this insightful report based on […]

Enterprise Software Drives the IT and Finance Operations in the Banking Industry

Legacy infrastructure and disconnected solutions pose challenges for banks, hindering their ability to meet customer needs, comply with regulations, and innovate. Slow processes, limited agility, and talent retention issues exacerbate these obstacles. However, to tackle these issues, you need a promising solution. This report dives into the benefits of cloud-based ERP and finance solutions. Download […]